IMPROVE THE SPEED OF YOUR ECONOMIC RECOVERY – The Revenue Science – Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Thinking Success Program

The profitable revenue recovery for the Aviation Industry is fraught with pessimistic prognostications predicting a 3 to 5-year recovery.

Why do I believe these thoughts are pessimistic?

Having a safe viable alternative to, the 14 day quarantine imposed for international travel, in place before the end of 2020 (the alternatives are being tested as we speak) is realistic and critical to avoid lasting damage. Combined with an educational campaign to drive consumer confidence and new improved collaborative cooperation between the Industry and Government to drive substantial infrastructure funding, loans and equity stakes should guarantee a much speedier recovery than what is being forecast.

Using Revenue Science methodology and CRO Thinking strategy will further speed up the recovery where the Revenue Generation will push positive profitability throughout the Aviation Sectors in as early as 18 months to 24 months from today.

The key components of CRO Thinking is having your Company/Entity (airport, airline, ground service providers and maintenance repair organisations (MRO’s) and fixed based operations (FBO’s) pointed to your True North.

By following the Revenue Science Roadmap you will drive effective productivity, fantastic employee engagement, collaborative cooperation encompassing all the “functional units” within your Organisation! All of this will lead to tremendous profitable Revenue Generation.

This is the most effective path to your positive emergence from this horrendous pandemic turning it in to amazing opportunity the emerge greener, cleaner, safer, leaner and wealthier.

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