Growing your Profitable REVENUE and controlling your COSTS Better Everyday


Revenue Science is a total Organisation/TEAM Culture of revenue alignment with the Company Purpose, Vision, Mission and Grand Cause. It is focused on the Principle that the prime purpose of a Company is to Inspire all the Stakeholders (Clients, Colleagues, Community and Investors) to feel safe and to continuously drive profitable revenue better everyday. Further it Must reduce or eliminate the CHAOS causing the waste that reduces the optimum profitable revenue generation. This waste hides throughout organisations but always in the unaligned Gaps between departments.

Revenue Principles

  1. Always Focus from the BUYER frame of Reference
  2. Alignment is required to win the revenue game
  3. Alignment starts with Strategy
  4. Alignment requires that Strategy is designed into the strategic plan, the processes, and the culture
  5. You are always in transition regardless of the market conditions
  6. Focused execution is required for strategic alignment
  7. Success requires identifying, challenging and testing

          all critical assumptions

8. Structure and tools support strategy

9. Be proactive, not reactive

10. Winning requires Integrity

WHAT is Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Thinking?

Every Organisation which desires to create and sustain a Revenue Culture (alignment of the entire Company to be better everyday at revenue generation and reducing Chaos driven wasted money and process) MUST deploy someone whose sole job is to focus on profitable revenue generation and employing effective cost control  for the benefit of the whole organisation not each individual department. This CRO Thinking is the key to unlocking profits and stakeholder well-being!

CRO Thinking is about:

  1. Strategy
  2. Diagnose every situation
  3. Applying Revenue Science to every situation
  4. Avoid Dumb Stuff, “Cost of Chaos” & Bad Systems
  5. Measuring Operational and Business Achievements
  6. Predicting
  7. Continuous Improvement of Behavioral Outcomes

Revenue Science” the 21st Century  following your True North

The 5 Revenue Questions every successful Organisation MUST ASK

1. What is our brand promise?

2.  What’s the client “problem” that we solve?

3.  What niche/s do or will we dominate?

4.  Who are our ideal clients?

5.  Which are our key offers?

1. A “WHY” based Business Strategy for this organization – This defines why the organization should exist and thrive based on things that will seldom if ever change (may be clarified) like:

a) Mission / Purpose

b) Vision

c) Values

d) Brand

e) Goals

f) Culture

g) Principles

2. A Revenue Strategy is a result of answering these 5 Revenue Questions in a deployable way, which will define the organizations True North.

a) What is the Brand Promise the market can expect EVERY time

b) What is the customer’s problem solved for the customer that no one else solves

c) What are the niche or niches dominated or to be dominated

d) Who is the “ideal buyer” in the niches

e) What offer or offers will compel the ideal buyer to buy and pay for the value for the problem solved.

3. A Revenue Plan – is the extension of the deployable Revenue Strategy that includes the Revenue RoadMap with metrics and accountability.

4. The total Business Plan which supports the Revenue Plan where outcomes are aligned to the “Business Strategy” and is organization wide.

5. Budgets, programs, process and metrics are required by the Business Plan to accomplish the aligned deployment from the “Revenue Strategy” and the critical metrics will include the “The CRO’s Revenue Operational Formula” to assure the highest leverage possible on all assets applied.     

If you are a level 5 Company Congratulations, you are at the Pinnacle and do not need our CRO Thinking you are already there!

But if you are anywhere else on the STAIRWAY, we can help you get to the next level and Beyond!

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