Deicing & Glycol Mitigation

AVCON.WW’s team is dedicated to assisting Service Providers and Airports, to effectively and safely manage aircraft deicing and glycol mitigation operations.

We provide comprehensive consulting services, taking into consideration your goals, your values, your processes, your strengths, your challenges and your constraints. This way, we ensure reliable operations, at best possible operational and capital costs.

Areas of competency:

  • Development and upkeep of a deicing operations manual
  • Establishing an effective glycol mitigation program that includes suggested facility changes and overall fluid management practices
  • Undertaking for the client an ISO9001 based audit of deicing and/or glycol mitigation operations
  • Linking local deicing and glycol mitigation procedures into the airport emergency response plan
  • Developing and as requested providing deicing training including potential online training modules
  • Effective deicing operations coordination, communications and safety practices

The “Why” of reviewing and upgrading of a local deicing and glycol mitigation plan?

  • To reduce operational costs
  • Enhancing operational efficiencies
  • Confirmation that related programs meet and even exceed local airport SMS and deicing program standards
  • Measurably reduce the risk of accidents as related to the servicing of the aircraft, actual flight and ground crews
  • To meet local environmental expectations and requirements as to glycol containment and runoff

Who is this service for?

  • Airlines and operators
  • Airports and Aerodromes
  • Nav Canada (for larger deicing facilities)
  • Transport Canada staff
  • Ground service providers
  • Airport owners (Municipality officials)