Green, Clean, Safe and Lean – Aviation Post Pandemic

By any measurement the COVID 19 Pandemic has devastated aviation worldwide. Flying passenger numbers were reduced to 10% of January 2020 & December 2019 numbers. We have seen a recovery to around 35% this summer. Domestic flying is driving the majority of the increase as border closures, quarantine requirements and fear are severely curtailing international flying.

Airport revenue numbers are even worse with most major airport flight activity is operating at around 25% to 33%. Governments and Aviation Associations are working diligently to introduce and test accurate COVID19 testing with immediate results with the hopes of eliminating the quarantine requirement.

Temperature testing pre flight and mandatory masks on board aircraft and in terminals are proving effective as there have been no known contraction of the virus on board and aircraft. The mandatory masks have also allowed airlines to maintain seat capacity on board without the need for very restrictive social distancing while inflight.

Overcoming the publics fear of travel is the top priority in leading the Industries recovery. Many airlines and airports are leading effective advertising campaigns to demonstrate the safety enhancements put in place.

It is clear that returning to pre Pandemic operating mode is a non starter.

The new industry standard MUST revolve around the environmental Green initiatives, Cleaner terminals and aircraft interiors, fresher air and renewable air in flight to make and keep everyone Safe while operating effectively growing revenue and eliminate waste causing CHAOS to profitability.

Greener, Cleaner, Safer and Leaner is the only sustainable path forward to grow passenger flight miles and Revenue while reducing cost & eliminating chaos.

The Millennials’ have the economic strength and bravery to lead the recovery and they will, but they are very socially conscious of protecting the Environment, enhanced safety and are very price sensitive in getting the best demonstrated value for their dollar.

The Green – Clean – Safe – Lean Model checks all of the boxes and will grow revenue and generate a reasonable sustainable return on investment.

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