Environmental Sustainability and Revenue Science – Lead to a Better Future – Part V of V

More than ever before the Environment, Health and Safety and SMS are linked in providing the path to a full recovery and sustainable future. Health is the new Wealth. Employers and Boards will need to invest in the safety and well being of their employees.

The Great news is that Environmental spending on renewable initiatives and investment in safety training and Team productivity are investments – not expenditures – both investments will drive a culture of discipline and with the rigid application of Revenue Science principles – profitability. 

The difference will be that a large part of this will be dependent on getting the wealth into the right hands, Trickle down is a myth, off shore tax havens do not benefit anyone but the wealthiest people who are not reinvesting in the future. Living wage, a fair tax system everyone pays their fair share of the tax burden must become the new way. Government incentives for good Corporate citizens and penalties for bad need to become the new norm.

The future is full of amazing promise and COVID19 not withstanding the awful price in human death presents us with great opportunity. If we take the right path we will be prepared to face the next crisis head on with maximum resources.

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Wayne Anaka – CEO AVCON.WW inc.