Coping with the “new normal” – Combining Operations best practices and technologies

We all know how this pandemic we are currently living in has been changing our lives significantly in the past few months. Home office became a common thing and people have been depending more and more on technologies on their everyday lives. But what does it mean for airports?  

It is common knowledge that airports are always looking for technologic solutions for a better passenger experience. But now with everything that has been happening, social distancing, people afraid of getting ill, all that has made it a necessity to find the best way to stay open and keep people safe.

Technologies that were already being implemented in some airports are being upgraded to cope with the “new normal”. Cleaner Robots were previously being tested at the Pittsburgh International Airport, now they use UV lights to clean the floors killing viruses and bacteria, Some airlines are trialing the use of robots to give tailored information for the passengers and incentivizing them to sanitize their hands, thermal cameras are being used to monitor the temperature of passengers and make sure they are not a risk for others. Touchless technology is also a big thing that has been spreading interest among airports. Biometric boarding processes were already being adopted by some airlines such as Delta, Air France and JetBlue, now it is possible to get face recognition even with the masks we have to wear. The goal is to achieve an effective and secure touchless flow from departure to arrival maximizing the passenger experience and keeping people safe throughout their journey.

Necessity is the mother of invention and COVID 19 is changing the travel industry permanently. We are going to adapt to being greener, cleaner, safer and leaner if companies and the industry itself are going to survive. Economic modeling is going to demand more equality and technological advancement to attract passengers back in numbers and with the ability to pay for the new normal. Innovation and fairness will be the key to success. We will need to get better everyday through continuous improvement applying Revenue Science to end the cost of Chaos and grow revenue.

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